By Peter Mbugua Njoroge.

It’s only those who don’t understand politics and who don’t know Kenya is crumbling like a sand house-who- can say “Uhuru stands to lose”. What would Uhuru gain or lose if he supported Ruto?  NOTHING!

Uhuru already knew Ruto could not perform simply because he had no interests then or even now, to improve the Kikuyu people and Kenyans in general- but on a mission to enrich himself. Ruto was instrumental in messing the economy which has now resulted to hunger and poverty. Raila once likened him to emperor of poverty, and it’s now proving to be the case. It was wise for Uhuru to support Baba who has more followers in Kenya than Ruto.

Uhuru is now very comfortable being in opposition and quite certain that Ruto will fail badly. He has a backing of over 30million Kenyans. Kenyans who remember the many developments he delivered leading to a better life, with lowered costs of living among many other benefits.

You cannot compare Uhuru with Ruto who has started on a revenge mission when many Kenyans are experiencing hardship due to the high cost of living. Corruption, nepotism, tribalism, cronyism and too many lies are the norm of the Ruto administration. UHURU certainly knew what he was doing when he refused to support him but instead- supported the person who assisted him to deliver his promises to Kenyans and that person was Raila Odinga.

chair wa MACHAIR.

Peter Mbugua is a Kenyan Human Rights Activist.


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