President Uhuru Kenyatta Created A Monster Out Of A Naïve Country Boy.


By Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi for The Diaspora Times

Revolutions are as a result of the mistakes of the rich who use the masses and later trample upon them so as not to benefit from the cause if any” Isaac Kinungi.

If you have ever watched the movie “Frankenstein” you will conclude that one can create a monster from literally nothing and the same, to later emerge as a devastating creature you cannot be able to undo.

Similarly in politics, you can elevate a human and the same can outwit you in a way you cannot bring him down easily and the more you try, the more you are closer to triggering a revolution.

The Deputy President in Kenya, is such unpredictable, unfortunate experiments in life and the way he has identified himself with the desperate poor, is to make his revolution easy incase he does not succeed in getting to the house on the hill.

The President, has to move with speed now to contain the situation as a section of the masses are now incited to the maximum and no matter how you explains to them the advantages of BBI, they will not listen as they have already been told and paid to believe it’s not good for them.

The Deputy President and his brigades called Tanga Tanga, have poisoned the masses to be ready for a revolution just in case he does not become the President. They have been promised a seat at the high table and anyone stopping that movement, is assumed their enemy and they will do everything at their disposal to make it succeed by all means, killing included.

The politicians will go round trying to sell BBI, but they will receive a lot of resistance in Central province where the majority of voters resides. William Ruto is aware that if he does not get the full support of the Mt Kenya people, his chances of becoming the next President are next to impossible.

The question many are asking now is whether he is the best suited candidate or after all forcing himself to the people through chicanery and bribery.

William Ruto has attended so many Church Harambees and he will easily make such followers vote for him but with divided votes in Central Province, it may also not be possible to become the President if his opponent Raila, get support of two major tribes and half or one third of Kikuyu votes.

We must agree that Uhuru had promised to support his deputy but he was in a dilemma after the election as the country was ungovernable with the many riots and he had no alternative but to concede and agree to a handshake which did not go well with his Deputy.

That was the reason of the fall out and he could still have kept his word despite the handshake but his deputy, was somehow impatient and started early campaigns while using the so called Tanga Tanga to abuse and make the President unpopular in Central Province.

They easily did it by targeting the poor who are easy target and who can easily be convinced to cause mayhem and the same is evident anytime opponents of William Ruto arrange a meeting.

The President on the other hand, has been keen on Development while promising and making sure that the BBI will be passed before his term is over and he will do anything at his disposal to pass the same. While doing so he also has a big task to convince the voters that the man he had castigated and made him appear bad is the right candidate to succeed him.

The BBI to those who have read and understood is trying to solve conflicts and making allocation of funds to be increased by population rather than land size but William Ruto, is not for BBI as his vision is short term and all geared to be the next President. He has no agenda and is capitalizing on the poor masses and agitating them so that they can be on his side if he calls for a revolution.

A revolution whose aim is to change a population with a capitalistic mindset and introduce socialist ideals where the poor will revolt against the rich and the same is evident through class classification where the poor calling themselves hustlers, are attacking the rich whom they term as dynasty.

A narrative that is like a timed bomb as many people are poor and jobless and will do anything to survive. The poor will fight for the one promising them a better life and will not even ask themselves where their sudden saint got all the wealth he dishes to them.

The saint will not offer them with long lasting tools of survival but short term while promising them a better life when he takes over.

That is a selfish agenda which should be stopped by peace loving Kenyans and it’s only by rejecting such narrow minded leaders, that we can make Kenya a great Nation.

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