In Kenya, we have always known that the functions of a Deputy President are closely related OR similar to those of the President but of late, it’s like the two are doing things in the opposite directions.

In the past, the so called Vice President, used to attend church and funeral functions and in all such occasions, you would hear him passing on greetings or at times donations from the President.

Today is not the case as the two seem to be doing totally different unrelated functions and it’s as if the President is not even briefed on what the agenda for the same will be and only read it in papers or see it during TV broadcast thereafter like any other Kenyan.

There is a clear indication that Ruto has panicked due to the handshake between Uhuru and Raila, and to counter it, he is wasting a lot of time politicking and thus shelving the 5 pillars agenda.

Ruto should be on the forefront in supporting the President’s initiative but as things stand now, he is bypassing the agenda and only mentioning it as a by the way.

He embarrassed himself the other day by commissioning old archaic computers at a time he should be lifting the said institution, to enable it to cope with the fast changing  technology.

It’s a shame that he does not see the benefits Kenyan gained after the handshake for the same halted almost instantly, the tense hostile crisis phobia that was building some tribal barriers that could possibly have caused a civil war in Kenya.

The political bickering by a few cash trapped leaders in central and rift valley as a way of showing solidarity in him, is not a reflection of 2022 outcome for he is forgetting the true reality as votes come from people not politicians and the election outcome can come as a shock at times.

Shock at times because the multitude that turns out to go to political meetings are always staged by giving idlers money but those that queue to vote, do it willingly to exercise their democratic rights.


It is a high time Uhuru act fast to continue with the prosecution of those already caught with corrupt deals for if he don’t, we may soon see a repeat of the “rungiri church speech”.

This time the church will not talk of a limping sheep, but a man whose unprintable are caught and is helpless to do anything to the culprits.

Leaders that succeed the incumbent are always doing as what the Swahili people would term as “bega kwa bega” as two parallel lines never meet but Ruto may be a rare craft mason who is trying to prove reality wrong.

Three years is a long time in politics as the political wind only needs a day to change things and as such, if Ruto really want to see the Presidency, THEN he should now be bega kwa bega with Raila as that is the man who may change the political map in 2022.

Change the political map with huge or little following but all the same, those are the votes needed to clinch the presidency.

Raila ODM may not be powerful then, but other formations involving same and even new key players will definitely surface and among the key game changer will be no other than Raila himself.

5 cohorts from central and a few from rift valley will not draw and effect the clout needed to clinch the presidency as the 8 million voters that voted Uhuru are still undecided who to vote for in 2022 until they get a hint from Uhuru himself.

These are people that don’t attend the church and funeral functions that are making Ruto to assume that he is popular, as they stay with their hidden secret of who to vote for till the last minute while facing the debe.

Similarly a fraction of votes given to Raila during the last general elections are still in his control and the people that did it that time, will follow his word and still keep their secret of who to vote for till the last minute.

It’s not dishing out money that counts at times but how good you can sell your manifesto as that is what will keep pushing the country forward. Majority of Kenyans do not always depend on handouts as all they want is a conducive environment to do business they are good at.

As such instead of attending funerals, Ruto should now be consulting renowned politician to draft his manifesto that he will use to convince the electorate.

Ruto please leave funerals to the family members and friends and don’t just appear to show your popularity, as you are doing it at the wrong time when the believed need peace and not politicking.

If Ruto want to succeed Uhuru, he should do like his tribesman did after Kenyatta died,.Fuata Nyayo or you perish in the political dungeons only regretting your wrongs and not leaving behind any legacy worth mentioning.

Yes it will happen if he continues opposing his boss and if it does, he will have no one to blame even the Kikuyu’s for they are already openly saying “We owe you no debt”.

Don’t get a shock if a newcomer in politics take the center stage in 2022 .,,yes it is very likely.

Read the signs of the times and change before it’s too late or else only a few Kenyans will console you in 2022 when you start crying before them by simply telling you  “Weep not Child” and you will be forgotten soon thereafter.

May what you read don’t go beyond your conscience!





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