UK: Punish dissident Party members, Azimio Party Leaders urged.


By Thomas Musau United Kingdom

Members of Azimio UK Leadership have urged their coalition party leaders to come up with comprehensive action plan for member parliamentarians who consistently fail to tore the party line.

The call was made on Sunday 14th during luncheon in London attended by Minority Leader of National Assembly and Member of Parliament for Ugunja Opiyo Wandayi and the women representative for Kisumu County Ruth Odinga.

The UK Azimio Leaders questioned the legality of parliamentarians who collaborate with opposition parties without defecting from the party that elected them and consequently triggering a by election.

Under article 80 of the constitution of Kenya, one of the ways the office of a member of Parliament becomes vacant is if the member resigns from that party or is deemed to have resigned from the party.

Under Section 14 of Political Parties Act 2011 defines when a member is deemed to have resigned from their political party. This includes a person who, while being a member of a political party forms another political party, joins in the formation of another political party, joins another political party or in any way or manner, publicly advocates for the formation of another political party and most significantly, promotes the ideology, interests or policies of another political party.

The members argued that the Kenyan constitution is clear on what befalls the party members who are currently promoting other parties ideologies, interests of policies of other political parties and urgent the Party leaders to take action and de-whip them for their disloyalty.

Other actions methods of dealing with dissenting MPs was to name and shame them during press conferences organised by Party Leaders and isolating them from party activities.

Members also suggested that party retreats should be organised more often to help keep the members in check and discuss how the members should vote on crucial bills in parliament.

UK Azimio Deputy Chairman George Osore the dissenting members of parliament should serve as an example to the rest that choices have consequences and urged fellow members of parliament to boo them when they stand up to speak and encourage members of the public boo them they speak in public meetings.

Members said the currently Parliamentary Bipartisan talks provided a good opportunity for the participants discuss ways to enforce the law regarding party-hopping and disloyalty by members.

Mr Osore said: “They should know that they have nowhere to hide if they are disloyal to the party they were elected under.”

Azimio UK CEO Ali Ali likened the dissenting members of parliament to the Mau Mau collaborators who must face the same wrath as the collaborators of being ‘lynched’ by members of the public.

“Such people have no moral campus to hold such positions. Instead they should pave way for principled politicians to take up their roles,” Ali Ali said.

During the meeting, Minority Leader and Member of Parliament Hon Opiyo Wandayi congratulated the UK Azimio team for their commendable work in supporting the campaign for a better Kenya and encouraged to keep up the good work.

“When the world Diaspora is mentioned in a political context UK Diaspora comes to everyone’s mind. We thank you for leading the rest of the diaspora community in the fight for democracy,” Hon Wandayi said.

Kisumu County Women representative Ms Ruth Odinga said UK diaspora should take advantage of the newly formed Parliamentary Select Committee that supposed to spearhead the welfare of Kenyans in the Diaspora.

Hon Ruth Odinga said: “The Diaspora Select Committee is a good opportunity to for Kenyans in the Diaspora to channel all their demands which can presented to parliament for debate for a possibility of being passed into law”

The outspoken legislator promised to work with UK Azimio leaders to make sure their petitions will reach the Parliamentarian Diaspora Select Committee.

She also promised to request the parliamentary select committee for Diaspora to visit UK to come and hear the issues of the Kenyans in the Diaspora as they say from the horses’ mouth.


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