Unique Solomonic Gate And Wall Add Value To Optiven Amani Ridge Place Of Peace


Good News! 

*God is a God of Order*

We are extremely thankful that our customers will be accessing Amani Ridge the Place Peace from Nairobi to their beautiful palaces on *fully tarmacked road*. Courtesy of *Kenyan Government*

What a Big Miracle. We say thank you!

Please share this with someone & Send him or her to Optiven as a referral before the area *prices start skyrocketing* 

*More Details*

Construction of Kamiti Githunguri Road has just begun . This is the 3KM stretch leading to Amani Ridge the place of peace,from the Kamiti corner .

Value addition work is ongoing at Amani Ridge the Place of Peace,

✅Gate Complete
✅Perimeter wall ongoing
✅Uptake at 90%
✅House designs ready
✅Title deeds ready .

Do you know you can become a home owner Here with a good payment plan of over 15 years?

Live your dream now,

Thank  you for your  support

Call 0790 300 300 or 0723 400 500

The *Wall of Peace* at Amani Ridge  the  place  of  Peace  is moving  on at  a very reasonable  speed.

We thank  all those  great workers  doing an amazing  humble  job of ensuring  that all the  families  here will experience  unexplained  Peace. Looking  at the wall is very insightful – the Height, The black Key between the stones  & green  lazer coming  soon

The beautification  of the Solomonic gate is another very unique  feature  that will separate  this project  from others.  The  home  owners  will be receiving  greetings  from a well sounding  water feature  that will allow  water to  drop in  style. The scenery is meant to reduce  daily   stress  & exhaustion  that comes at the end of the day.

If you dream and wish your friends well, tell them about this jewel by sharing  this message & ask them to call 0790300300 or 0724400500

Jionee Amani Ridge -The Place of Peace and discover why everyone is rushing here to invest. Get to see the value additions, environment and the beauty that Amani ridge has to offer. What do you want to know about the project? Ask us and we shall have it answered LIVE!

Publicerat av Optiven Limited Tisdag 10 mars 2020


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