This past weekend my family of 3 learned about Social Distancing up close and personal. We learned that it is not easy as it sounds.  It is really hard. 

Up close and personal is unbelievable yet so real.

On Saturday March 28, Pastor Morris (76) our family friend for 20 years Passed away. With his wife Tina they live close by. It takes just 7 minutes from our driveway to being seated in the pew in the Church. The Church is right across from the Parsonage. Pastor Morris & Tina have been on short mission trips

to Kenya. They have also

Ministered in Tanzania. They usually greet Kenyans with  Jambo, Bwana Asifiwe. Karibu and Asante Sana. I love listening to  Pastor Tina talking about her experiences in Kenya. This Blonde haired WOG Is the one who was preaching to Maasai women right there in the Manyatas/that “Jesus Christ is the greatest Liberator of women. Yes He is, she finishes with a perfectly beautiful Southern GA accent. Before their mission trip to Kenya  I  had observed how comfortable life is in USA and wondered how on earth would this nice woman handle the rough life in the mission field? 0h she did so well because she is on fire for Jesus Christ. To Tina. Jesus Christ and His People come first. I love Kenyans she says with an endearing smile and such radiant joy. Annually when we have an African Service, she comes dressed up as,a Masai.

Besides my family & a few Wanjikus here, these are the  2 friends in Southern GA who can  pronounce the name Wambûi without calling me One Boy or WarnBoy. and Njoroge is not Horohe or NaJorge. Cirû is not Shiloh. Pastor Morris, RIP,  will be missed by my family and the KCFA Missionary Chapter. He was a faithful,member. For,the last 8 years we have met in his Church. We believe we will meet again

Social Distancing: 

When he was laid to rest on Monday 3/30/2020,  This is what it meant to me as a friend and a minister of the gospel…How do you comfort a friend in this New Normal? You commit them to  God the author of all comfort. Because certain things we learned in ministry and have practiced are not working right now. They are on hold. Imagine a loved one passes away and there is:

No Home Visit

No Ministerial


No Funeral Home visists

No Silent Presence

No Church Service 

No Wake

No Viewing

No Memorial

No Attending the


Only Graveside


One could “Attend the Graveside but stay in the Car and don’t cannot get out”…to hug Tina. The Family is forced to have a very small and Private ceremony to mark a life so well lived. So in addition, family, they had  2 Ministers & one Person Singing – Amazing Grace…I pray that God will give us abundant grace for this season.

There will be No Repass


Due to health restrictions over COVID-19 that is what real Social Distancing is all about. Terrible, annoying, and can trigger anger. If COVID-19 was a person, and I happened to meet them, we would have conflict to resolve.


Value Family Relationships. They Will Go On After Space and Time Have Ended.

We are Powerful. We are Resilient. We gonna make it/Email-


Senior Columnist

Kenya Parents In USA



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