Someone was suggesting that we should return home and I said 95% of us do not want to return and live in Kenya.

USA is really a good country therefore, we don’t want to return. (95% of us will not return and so is the case for the children we are raising here).

If possible, from the day we arrive in US, we should find legal ways to stay in the country but usually it is a gradual process. Some visit without intending to overstay visas and there we go…good intentions can sometimes take people so far… And now we can have dual Citizenship if we can just find a way to live here legally without fear or intimidation.  It is possible.
*Three years ago* immediately after Donald Trump was sworn in as our President, we had a workshop in Marietta where we asked a lawyer a question. The answer has stuck in my mind. We wanted to know what is the difference between the success of Nigerians as compared to Kenyans? He said that when a Nigerian person arrives in USA, their first priority is to learn how to adjust their status legally and live and work in USA as a Permanent Resident.

It is not even to go to school or staying busy preaching all over the map. Why? Because once a person is established here legally, thereafter, it is easier to pursue education career and all other forms of prosperity will follow. Even become a bridge across Africa yakusafirisha mzigo to help our families. How I wish someone had told me this before I left Mûhoroni/Western Kenya which was my last home.

But Kenyans, we like money so much.
When we arrive $$ that is our *first priority to get a job under the table. We are good at this. Second buy a plot. *Friends There is nothing wrong with making money and buying that plot.* Am just saying, So after 10 years, many of us are in limbo. Still working under the table. We have that too. We have not laid an eye on our wives, or families left behind, Our relatives benefit from the land or house we left behind because we cannot travel to Kenya. Believe me, my life too…even when my Father died, with or without money I could not travel to Kenya. Some even graduate from College but cannot get a professional job (one time I was here myself for 3 years). So no one should throw WhatsApp rocks.

*Preachers…Are no different. Instead of planning to get a Green Card as a Religious worker, in which case one had to apply for a Religious Work Visa in NBO to come and preach, they get the easiest…Business or visitor for pleasure. It is becoming nearly impossible these days to change.* 

Then after overstating, we decide to live here.

 *That One is from Kenya Celebrity Status*” wears off and if not returning home, *Welcome to Living In Diaspora*/Mgeni Siku Ya Tatu Shika Njembe ukalime.

Not returning to Kenya? Join the workforce, pay your own rent or you are pushed out even by friends & relatives and Christians alike. Get your own car…not easy. Some start hiding and even telling small white lies… Preachers then abandon Churches at home, abandon their wife and children – family…the very things they told us they had come to look for help for, are now not a priority. They are totally abandoned. Some even claim to be *divorced* or say they were a victim of domestic violence. Both men and women. Some remarry while others practice bigamy in USA. If they can go back it is “polygamy” in Kenya.  You get the picture…its not a good one.Tell no one. Live in secret. Some in Diaspora have priorities messed up. Tunaomba msamaha jameni.(We ask for forgiveness)
All this time, a good preacher, could have been in fellowship or established with a mainline US denomination. They perhaps could be on their way to adjusting their immigration status. Walking in the light has benefits. That’s a workshop topic for ministers conference for another time…for a fee. “How To Live & Minister in USA.”  (There was a time I used to. make sure this workshop was available annually).

Young men and Women in College according to Sociology are in the *largest dating market* ever in the world and without subscription fees. For the first time in life, a young man and a young woman mix with age mates every day.

Ones who have a goal setting mindset take 4 or 6 years, and graduate with just a degree. May be we need to tell our sons and daughters that it is OK to get a marriage proposal alongside graduating. 

Now this is my prayer, God in your anger remember mercy. And help us. This cannot be debated as it touches sensitive issues. It doesn’t include those who came here with a Green Card. To them it sounds like Greek or Latin. 

Rev. Wambui Njoroge




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