Wakili Ann Kariuki, The Face Of Diaspora In The Kiambu County Azimio Campaign.

inset Anne Kariuki in yellow next to Hon Raila Amolo Odinga

Article by Arch. Dr. D.K Gitau for the Diaspora Times Newspaper

The Diaspora plays a vital role in the Development of Kenya mainly due to the significant yearly remittances to relatives. This year of the General elections, many are actively involved in the current campaigns that will determine the 5th President of Kenya.

If you recall the four lawyers that were vocal during the second liberation of Kenya, the name Anne Kariuki rings a bell as she fought hard for the repeal of section 2 A. She worked alongside with the Azimio Deputy Martha Karua, Current Chief Justice- Martha Koome, Beatrice Nduta, a practicing Lawyer, and the famous greenbelt movement leader, the late Wangari Maathai.

Anne, who has taken a holiday from her busy schedule in America (with a purpose), is currently the fresh air in Baba’s votes mobilization team in Kiambu.

The team is concentrating mainly on Kiambu villages to convince the people to vote for Azimio so that the progress started by the short-term Governor Nyoro, can smoothly continue without interruption.

With the increased awareness, the Baba ten-point agenda that include Baba care and economic recovery and empowerment, is resonating well with the people of Kiambu. Another winner is the proposed support for single mothers/fathers through free education among other initiatives.

Anne is also part of the five-member coordination committee appointed by Governor Nyoro and she has become a key player in shaping the dynamics of Kiambu politics.

The response, according to Anne, is overwhelming as people now have started understanding the Azimio vision, which also offers sincere hope to many poor people. “Many were cheated, but now they can see the difference between the two main parties in the forefront,” She commented and further said that the Kiambu seat is a guarantee for Azimio, judging by the love they are receiving in several meetings.

Kenyans now realize they have been cheated for too long by politicians who always come chorusing empty rhetoric speeches to improve their welfare but are soon forgotten after the election. They are now tired and only want to work with those willing to be on the Government’s side, as the opposition will only push the country backward.

Good politicians are not magicians in the making but people with good past development track records. Stories of  “I will do” are to deceive the electorate who keep on voting for the same people who don’t deliver their promises,

Kenyans must reason constructively so that the 2022 elections, now only days away, will only favour conscious development leaders so that the country can continue with the four pillars agenda while focusing on stamping out corruption.

We in the Diaspora, having our country at heart, can only wish that the next President of Kenya will embrace us fully so that our remittances are not only for domestic consumption -but part of growing the economy of Kenya.

We fail because we do not try!

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