War On BBI Is Between Raila And Ruto But Not Uhuru.


By Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity

The current war on BBI should be understood better by fast rewinding and noting that Uhuru Kenyatta was once a rival of Raila Odinga.

During that time, Uhuru did great damage to Raila Odinga in terms of denting his image in his community, the Kikuyus. Because of the poor reputation the Luo community was indoctrinated to the Kikuyus, Uhuru’s damage to Raila, sank so deep into the minds of many, such that when the fear that was created by Ruto in the two massacres was added to the mud already smeared on Raila by Uhuru himself, it sunk even deeper into many Kikuyu’s minds.

The Kikuyu’s have since then been forced to look for a safety net that would save them  from the Monster Raila as described so by Uhuru himself, and from the Ruto bows and arrows. They are therefore mistakenly forced to believe, that their only option of a safety net is to support William Ruto, in hope that their support would convince him not to slaughter them anymore.  To clean Raila for acceptance by the Kikuyu community and to isolate Ruto from the Kikuyu community, is a complicated  puzzle to unravel. That does not mean it is impossible to unravel as the same can be unraveled by no other than Uhuru who has had the opportunity to work with the two leaders who were at one time his rivals in politics.  Kangata is partially right but his revelation was done hastily and not in appropriate manner. At the moment many Kikuyu’s are singing Ruto blindly, and this is the reason why as a matter of urgency, this puzzle has to be unraveled without delay. This is the only time left to unravel the puzzle so that people can make up their mind whom to choose between the two and there is not much time left as 2022 is not that far away.

Kangata may be wrong to some extent as the problem in Kenya  is not the BBI. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the BBI and everyone knows it and that is the reason I have downgraded intellectuals like PLO Lumumba and many others. The BBI is not unpopular at all. It is the complicated situation the Kikuyus have found themselves in today. The Kikuyu community, have no answers to what they think can be another attack come 2022 by Ruto, just in case they do not support him and he loses the elections.

This Ruto who the Kikuyus fear most was deeply angered by the handshake and therefore he is against anything fronted by Raila Odinga. By supporting the BBI which was fronted by Raila, Ruto thinks he would be boosting Railas political ambitions. And because most of the Kikuyus are on a mission to please Ruto to avoid any future attacks, their only option is to support whatever Ruto wants and that is to oppose the BBI. It is true that the BBI is favoring the Kikuyus most, but if their support of the BBI would jeopardize their relationship with Ruto and hence their safety from the arrow attacks in future, they feel their best option is to oppose it in order to please Ruto.

That is the way it is and in short the entire war about the BBI is actually between Ruto and Raila and not Uhuru Kenyatta.

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