Wave Of Death In Diaspora Soars As COVID-19 Continues To Challenge The Survival Of Humans On Planet Earth.


The year 2020, has been a real rough time to those families in the Diaspora and back in Kenya, due to many unfortunate deaths that have occurred continuously since the beginning of the year.

Most of the deaths, are associated with mental illness leading to suicide , old age, some domestic violence cases, while still many others due to Covid-19 that still has taken quite a toll of many in the Diaspora worldwide.

It is such a painful feeling to loose someone in a family, but it is more devastating when families lose their loved ones while being far from home and the thought of receiving unresponsive body of someone they had escorted at airports with high hopes, is an ineffable experience not befitting any word in the English dictionary.

The report of a second wave of COVID-19 recurrence has left many troubled in Diaspora Worldwide, as they continue to struggle to sustain a living while being aware that one has no choice but to continue working in the same environment that can eventually lead to death.

The Diaspora Kenyan community, mostly work in hospitality and health related jobs and many are daily exposed to the pandemic and considering that the same people have families, it gets scary and complicated when safety issue becomes  a great concern to all.

Despite the uncertainty and fear of the pandemic, most commercial minded Churches, have resumed though taking necessary precaution but one wonders if the same, is a wise thing to do as it’s a necessity that can be performed online.

The other group of Kenyans still on the harms way, are the long distance semi truck drivers that move from state to state and eventually return to their homes after a week and sometimes staying even longer than a month.

This category too, is exposed as they pass through some unhygienic truckstops and rest areas, where it’s easy to interact with people who may be suffering and still working in those places or touch areas contaminated with the virus.

The USA itself, have recorded more than 10 cases due to Covid-19 and many more are likely to die due to the same but the most scaring thing, is to imagine how the pandemic has rendered so many jobless leading to being homeless.

There are many cases of students stranded in America who cannot be able to meet their daily demand but luckily, some sympathetic Kenyans led by Professor Jerono of North Carolina with her KESID organization, have come in handy and started a funds drive to assist.

The same have collected over $8,600 but still not enough as the demand is high and more is needed to help the struggling students to continue with their studies. She may not however be entirely able to fulfill all their demands, and the fact that many in Diaspora are struggling and unable to assist, it may require the Ministry of Education or any other Kenyan big welfare organization to come to the aid of students. Professor Jerono has posted in Diaspora group the following notice:

My fellow Diaspora leader, our Kenyan International students in the USA needs you now more that ever and I have no doubt that together  we are making a difference!.

As of this morning , we have received  a total of over 80 applications for BASICS NEEDS support from International students. The stories are authentic , real, urgent  and very touching. We have only raised $6700 as of this morning ( with over 80 students in need) I am humbly begging for prayers and financial support  towards this noble cause. Due to COVID-19, schools were closed in March and our students who are ONLY allowed to work on campus have not been able to work and are not eligible to apply for any financial support in the USA.

For those who have contributed, a big thank you for your generous donation . For those who have not, it is not too late to donate. Please kindly share with your Members and God willing one or two may be touched to contribute something small. Your support is invaluable to our International students.

To support this effort, please donate via any of the following links:

1. https://www.gofundme.com/f/3p9cp-abc?utm_medium=email&utm_source=product&utm_campaign=p_email%2Binviteacceptedemailtoco

2. @Cashapp : $KESIDfoundation or 336-615-1558

3. @Paypal: Kesidfoundation@gmail.com

4. @Zelle- Kesidfoundation@gmail.com

5. @Zelle- 336-615-1558

Email: Kesidfoundation@gmail.

KESID # 336-615-1558

Other initiatives have been started by Christine Muchene of Atlanta Georgia popularly known as Madam President who has a funds-drive under her non-profit organization called Shiro Afrique in partnership with KACC ( Kenyan American Christian Church, Marietta Georgia). They are collecting foodstuff and distributing the same weekly at KACC drive through to many Kenyans not able to feed themselves.

Cashapp $Muchene’mwega’ 6788878256

There is still a humanitarian and men welfare organization called KEMEN that is led by Antony Kamnao of St Louis assisted by Reverend Wambui who are also greatly assisting Kenyans to brave the pandemic through conferences that give hope to the depressed and also raising funds to assist those that have been laid off.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has drastically affected the entire Diaspora and we are appealing to all to brace the hard times as this too will come to pass.

Let all be guided by the audacity to hope belief  at this time of difficulties and not to despair even if one may feel that he or she has come to the end of the load as suicide is not a solution for there will always be a door that will open and life continues.

We fail because we do not try!

Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi


Kenyan Parents in USA

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly for 254


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