We Can Never Define The Purpose Of God From Our Motor Nature.


The year 20/20. 
Maybe you have heard many proclamations in regard to this year such as ..vision 20/20, Year of clarity, the dawning …etc.  But have you ever pondered to imagine who God really is? 

The Bible says He is the AUTHOR and The FINISHER of our faith.. The ALPHA and OMEGA! 

What does this really mean? 

It is actually a definition that is unfathomable to mere man(mind) ..it’s beyond our understanding.. It’s a spiritual definition rather than physical!  Maybe I can start by posing the question…what is time? 

I may not have accurate definition but time is a system established by God to govern man.. to define seasons and moments. 

Therefore God is not governed by TIME!  He lives on the outside of the systems of Time.  When says He is the Alpha and Omega it simply means in the nothingness of this world HE IS and within the content HE STILL IS!!
So in this new year remember its only in our definition of Time and minds that we have a New Year BUT God is still in continuum from the beginning.  His purposes for you never took a break or got dismantled but in fact we are the ones who may have taken a discourse from His paths!  So as you live on this year and this new decade.. remember the pattern of God over your life is never distorted but rather this is a continuation of what He began since creation and your authentication. 
Yes its true we have symbolic meanings of stuff..but we can never define the purposes of God from our motor nature but we need to be inclined to His original patent and purpose of our lives through His word.

#HappyNewYear 20/20
#StayInclined to the Source!


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