Western States DNA Urges The Kenya Government To Halt All Development Projects To Fight Covid-19



The Western states Diaspora National assembly(DNA) under the leadership of Governor Archbishop Stephen Njenga, had a serious stormy debate yesterday on the Corona Virus, and many members, urged the Kenya Government to double its efforts in containing the epidemic.

During their debates that went throughout the day and guided by the speaker of the house Hon Maurine Mwangi, the members came up with resolutions on how best the Government can address the epidemic.

On top of the list, was to advise the GOK to stop all ongoing Development projects including the SGR and immediately divert the available resources to the epidemic for now.

The travel allowances allocated to members of Parliament, Senate and other Government functions should be allocated direct to the disaster funds management kitty.

They further urged the Redcross, Churches, MCA’s and the chiefs to assist in identifying the people in need of urgent help in various places throughout the country.

The GOK should devise ways to cater for the tenants and also the landlord/ landlady as many are not in a position to either pay rents in case of tenants and bank loans in case of landlord.

A lot of keen supervision and accountability is needed in this process.

The western States suggested that DNA should mobilize it’s members from all states to donate some funds to assist people who are greatly affected by the epidemic.

The Government should by now have total lockdown to reduce the rising cases of new victims.

After the speaker tabled the debate outcome, members were 100 % in agreement regarding the donations and lockdown.

The Government can contract and pay the existing people with big water tank trucks that are currently in the business of selling water. The government should also look the issue of water especially in the slums and rural area and not charge the people the monthly bills.

The Western States DNA finally suggested that the Government should halt payments of all essential services like water and electricity until the epidemic is contained.

The August house deliberations will be posted in all DNA Assemblies and if the issue of donations to the poor areas is embraced, DNA shall create a go fund me to start the disaster funds drive immediately.

The funds drive should also focus on our own brothers and sisters in the Diaspora who are also affected by the epidemic and at the verge of loosing their houses, those homeless already, or about to be homeless.

We are our brothers keepers so let us join hands at this time of uncertainty and great fear when we are living not knowing our fate as the virus being our common enemy can attack anyone.

DNA is also concerned by the many Kenyans who have stashed their ill-gotten loot or genuine cash in offshore banking and this is the time the same should be repatriated back to the country or else, Kenya stands to be colonized by the Chinese due to the huge debts we owe them.

DNA stands for the voice of reason and we are optimistic that once this message is conveyed to the Kenya Government, they will at least consider and act on the suggested sentiments and actions without delay.


Global President

Diaspora National assembly

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