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As we all know and most have experienced the challenges of 2020.The global pandemic impacts are diverse; economic, spiritual, relational and above all Health effects.

As a corona Virus victim, now a victor and an overcomer  by God’s grace; healed and restored; we prayed for God’s intervention to bring a cure and end this pandemic and a return to normalcy.

Not sure my normal  is what is God’s plan; going back to old habits and routines may be history in some ways.

As a  public Health Nurse and minister of God’s word I have taken a stand to  advocate for immunizations to prevent the preventable through God given work – Science and integrate it with His truth; His word.Sometimes,our alternative benefits or will get in the way of answered prayers and we miss out!

Vaccines are why we have ZERO naturally occurring cases of small pox on earth ZERO!I want to remain optimistic despite the pessimism  and conspiracy theories! Many other   diseases such as Polio ; Measles; have been eradicated through vaccines.There are mandatory vaccines today ;Meningitis for college going students and many others for our school going children. Immigrants are required to have certain immunizations as a requirement for  VISA to the USA. If the government can mandate this so can they for the COVID -19 vaccines?

Why tell you this? Because I can testify that scientific facts and faith in God have worked wonders in my life and many!

I’m alive today because of  God’s mercy and the work of medicine.The Covid – 19 treatments and vaccines are like any other treatments with   side effects. I experienced a sore arm after the vaccination and others may have more deleterious side effects, but this does not out way the longterm benefits!Vaccine work and save lives!

We are now adjusting to the new COVID-19 protocols. Yes, we will be very careful and follow all the government health guidelines. BUT we will not let these things and season  get in the way of our reasoning!

Covid- 19 has been the catalyzing force of changes for the good that are necessary but need a spark.

Time to read, study is no more a factor; seek and gain  knowledge and if in doubt ask a Health expert to make an informed decision and the necessary adjustments for your health and family!

Life will throw curve balls; and your willingness to adjust and free will to choose is  a determining factor for your future ability to be Healthy and an overcomer:

Author  Lucy Watani-Simiyu

Happy Healthy Yr. 2021!

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