When Normal Is No More


By Nelson Mwangi

The day was Wednesday 11th March 2020 when World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared Covid-19 a global pandemic. Since then, the normal was no more. 

From frequent hand washing to habitual use of alcohol based hand sanitizer, mandatory wearing of masks not to mention the two most challenging requirements which are social distancing and a stay home order, this pandemic has totally robbed human beings their very basic right of socialization. 

On the other hand, every media platform social or mainstream haven’t spared humanity either. They are extremely busy doing more harm than good by spreading devastating news and reports that are disseminating globally nonstop around the clock adding more hopelessness and fear than hope to the already traumatic population. 

To the millions with a dire need of seeking solace from the churches, sorry but the doors are closed. The question that’s pestering most people’s minds is; What is the quickest fix out of this pandemic? 

If anything, this pandemic has taught us how human knowledge, power and money cannot redeem a single life. This reminds us that we are living on borrowed time. 

The worst case scenario is that Fear has engulfed most people’s minds and has surpassed Faith. Like millions around the world, I totally agree that there’s no any medication for Covid-19. Nonetheless, I have no smidgen doubt that there is a perfect cure. Even though to date (5th May 2020) 258,012 people have succumbed to Covid-19 globally, out of the 3,724,345 infections worldwide, 1,239,900 people have recovered. This is a crystal-clear indication that despite the absence of medication, there’s a cure by the name Jesus Christ. 

As you observe all the measures that have been put in place by different authorities, kindly don’t be oblivious of Christ identity through spiritual distancing. It’s time to recalibrate and rekindle the long lost authentic relationship between you and Christ that will heighten your Faith to the level of the centurion who through his Faith, his servant has healed. 

Posted by Moral Compass by Nelson Mwangi at 6:57 PM 

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