When The Defining Moment Come To Kenya, Around 2022, Will You Be An Idiot, A Tribe, Or A Citizen?


In the year 507 B.C., the Greeks were the first people to come up with the first known civilized society,.. that was full of civility and order and one that made it possible for the establishment of early academy’s of philosophy, astrology, science and art.

We are further told that the word democracy originated through reforms called “demokratia” or simply “rule by the people” and “kratos” or “power” and the same system of Government later started spreading across the globe.

They still remain unique till this day because of famous philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates just to name a few,… and we are told that, ..they were the first people to define democracy and to come up with the first civilized society with order.

I hereby heavily borrow words from Dr Kevichusa while adding excerpts taken from my society lectures and due to similarities, it’s as if we sat in the same lecture room.

As earlier stated, the Greek were the first people to come up with a democratic kind of Government and their philosophers summarized humans into three categories,

The idiot– The idiot is not necessarily that mentally deficient person, but a totally private person who is self centered and totally selfish.

They further described an idiot as a conceited and out to maximize anything for his or her own interest without consideration of others.

He or she has no character, morality or simply one that possesses no values as corruption to him or her is just like a routine.

He or she will not contribute anything tangible to society.

The idiot is a follower and has no philosophy of his own as he is guided by limited low and narrow thinking faculties.

An idiot has no public philosophy, no apology, no compromise, and all he does or strive to achieve in life is for his or her personal interests and gains only.

He or she will smile when his fellow countrymen are suffering and will enjoy when they bend before him or her to get handouts.

He or she gets happy when praised and can even pay huge amounts for it.

He was simply summarized by the Greek philosophers as an upgraded Barbarian no different from the Vikings.

2.Tribes People-The second type of person was the tribes people.

Those are the people in any society with tribal mentality and cannot think beyond their tribal or small groups sphere.

They will form organizations that only will cater for their tribe and will not accommodate any other person who happen to be different from them.

They will not accommodate dissenting views that try to accommodate other tribes or that try to improve the wellbeing of others.

Their primary allegiance is to the tribe.

Their tribe is God and they worship tribalism as a religion.

They are only good at intimidating and using force and violence to advance their tribal agenda.

They will die for one of their own if he or she is threatened to loose a seat of power.

Tribes people are warriors, war mongers, like alarming statements and war making is their major pastime.

  • The Citizen-This was termed by the Greek as the ideal person.

This is someone who has the skills and knowledge of understanding public life.

The citizen always realize that he or she is a member of the common wealth and always striving for the common good of all by coming with suggestions on how to improve the society he or she lives in.

The citizen knows his or her responsibility to society and can fight for the good of his people.

He fights for his rights but only with the interest of his society as it comes first.

It is the Citizen that make up an ideal civilized society because they settle their differences not through fights, but through civility while striving at coming up with solutions that can make an ideal society.

A society that live up to the true meaning “that all men are created equal and that they are endowed by certain alienable rights” as philosopher John Locke  summed it and later echoed by Thomas Jefferson of Virginia at the declaration of American independence ..”Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”. That”s the true genius!

The citizen believe in a somber, corrupt free and friendly society.

His or her religion is God and worship the living God only.

Those were the three types of people the Greeks philosophers thought of when they defined composition of society and through eliminations, they went ahead to form the first democratic society full of civility and order.

My fellow Kenyans, as we get near to 20 22 Presidential and general elections, think of those three categories of human groups and ask yourselves while seeking answers to help you vote for the right candidates.

Are you an IDIOT, just wanting a change for yourself only, A TRIBE, wanting to advance the welfare of your tribe OR A CITIZEN wanting to form a democratic Government full of civility and order for the common good of all in Kenya?

We fail because we do not try!





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