When Wrong Doers Get Sanitized, The Nation weeps.


Former CS Henry Rotich and Rutos point man in the SGR, Kimwarer and Arror Dam scandals, will be freed from all those corruption scandals by the court very soon, as was done for theĀ other eight staunch supporters of Ruto, who were involved in high level corruption scandals and murder.

1.Waititus case dropped..(UDA)

2. Linturis case dropped..(UDA)

3.Tabitha karanja case dropped.(UDA)

4.Malala case dropped(UDA)

5.Gachagwa case dropped.(UDA)

6.Barasas case dropped.(UDA)

7.Jumwas case dropped.(UDA)

8.Osca Sudi Case dropped(UDA)

9.Amos Kimunyas case Upheld( Jubilee)

10. Waluke’s case upheld- sentenced 69years in prison.

Whereas it is not yet clear, as to what the Ruto Administration is up to, in what appears to be an investigation of the SGR, which he himself as Deputy President and as the then holder of the projects Portfolio  in Kenya, which included the SGR at the time,  and was therefore deeply involved in the SGR matters, no one can tell whether these steps by the Ruto Administration,  are sincere, or whether they intended to destroy all the evidence available today, about the SGR corruption scandal, in order to exonerate himself and to exonerate his allies, from any future investigation and/or prosecution.

This calls for the Kenya Parliament to open its eyes on matters related to all recent past corruption scandals in Kenya,  in order to avoid a scenario, where all past looters of public funds in Kenya, who are friendly to Ruto, remain free from prosecution, setting all others who are not his supporters, as scape goats for all the past scandals. The Kenya Parliament has a demanding obligation,  to safeguard Kenya from becoming  a totally failed State, by making  sure that  there will be equal justice for all Kenyans, regardless of the degree of loyalty to the President of Kenya. Therefore, no looter of public funds in Kenya, and no murderer should be spared from prosecution, on reasons of being loyal to the President. All looters of public funds should be treated equally in accordance with the Kenya laws.


Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity

Counselor and Human Rights Activist and Former Secretary General of the Kenya Civil Servants Union

Connecticut USA


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