Who Is The Stranger Lying Next To You Each Night.


The body of the missing Dutch Kenyan businessman come golfer, (millionaire) Bob Cohen was retrieved from a shallow concealed conservancy tank at the corner of his palatial home in Kitisulu.

As the body was unveiled, many had to stiffen and look elsewhere because of the shocking unspeakable nature that unfolded, it was loathful, grotesque, nauseating, a stomach-turning moment, and a sight to behold.

The head of DCI Mr. Kinoti, a man who in his career may have seen or witnessed many such murder victims, was the most disturbed by this particular one, meaning that it was beyond what a human being can undergo through to die.

Bob Cohen disappeared around July and a composed wife, Sarah Wairimu (If found guilty of the heinous act) was always on Youtube unshaken while giving narratives of his disappearance and now looking at that same woman standing behind the dock ready to prove her innocence,  is reminiscent of one of those Agatha Kristi novels.

The murderer as Agatha put it, don’t brink as he or she may have witnessed and stared enough what she or he is accused of and when no one is suspecting, murder is easy.

Sarah Wairimu and her accomplice if any may have planned the murder to perfection but no matter how well you execute it, you are bound to make a mistake. The most disturbing thing is to imagine how a human being can dispose the body of the owner of the house in a pit and continue eating and sleeping in the same compound.

That shows how merciless humans are and the extent they can go to harm an individual simply because of imagining how they will enjoy the wealth without their presence, an evil motive in itself

It could be for other reasons of not being able to live together anymore, but all the same, it’s a lesson and an issue that needs to be revisited as there could be several family members that go missing or misreported and many could be lying in septic tanks in their own compounds.

The society greed for money is now beyond description for in the recent months, we have seen many murder cases involving husbands and wives and the Government or church should address the issue to stop the many occurrences.

There should be constant counseling and seminars to advice the youth and especially the many that meet their spouses in foreign lands, for they at times only end up marrying the very trollops that would frequent Koinange streets. Likewise a lady can end up with a thief or murderer without knowing.

They somehow settle to another life and get married but in them, the Koinange street life and the memories still remains, and such marriages don’t last  long due to high expectations and thus resulting to unexplained many divorce cases both in Kenya and in the Diaspora.

It’s not an overnight thing …“take time to know her”…and as such, a mandatory background check is necessary and most important, family values come first.

Questions have to be asked and answered, and most important to know the entire family background as down the family lineage, there could exist some cruelty among members in the family.

A visit to the spouse home and several inquiries a must as marriage is like hiring an efficient worker but this time not to retire him or her at the retirement age, but till death do them apart.

It has happened to Bob and there could be many others to follow suit and therefore we must constantly ask ourselves …..”who is lying next to me each night”?





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