Dr. Ephraim Mwenesi- Editor Diaspora Times

After independence in 1963, the three challenges the Kenya Government faced- were poverty, Ignorance, and diseases. The same still remains the burden that every successful Government must strive to eradicate. We later faced the most disturbing challenge that eventually leads to a path of total destruction if not eliminated: corruption.

It pains to hear a Presidential aspirant saying without shame in broad daylight that we have already eradicated Ignorance and repeat the same three times “wajinga waliisha Kenya.” Yet, in his own backyard, children as young as ten years, have no formal education, and all they do for a living, is cattle rustling while others end up in bars not to even mention the many who eventually end up in jail.

The same was said in Kerogoya by Deputy President William Ruto, proving that he will not address that challenge once they take over the Government. (if at all they succeed.)

The team that shows seriousness is the one vowing to continue fighting the three challenges and emmpasizing the fourth and most urgent “corruption.”

Kenyans must ask themselves if the leader mentioned in almost all scenarios from murder, theft, and fraud, even though not convicted- can be trusted to lead a Nation of Kenya trapped in debt, corruption, diseases and still Ignorance in many parts of Kenya.

The whole group of UDA party attracted all those who are currently facing graft-related cases, and one wonders how they could be trusted to lead the country.

Diseases, for example, are a major concern considering that Malaria, which can be eradicated or controlled completely, causes the lives of three hundred Kenyans every Month. That is like a Boeing with three hundred people on board clashing every Month in Kenya while we watch and are impotent to stop the avoidable carnage.

Kenyans should wake up and not give a chance to people promising to eradicate only poverty in an existing well-established economic sector.

Do we really need more Boda Boda than we currently have in Kenya, or should we aim at reducing them?

Do we need more mama mboga’s or aim at improving infrastructure so that they can sell their merchandise in a healthy condition and transport them at ease?

Do we need more barbershops and, if so, to shave which more heads considering the existing ones are idle at times waiting for customers?

You can go on in all informal sectors of the economy and conclude that “bottoms up” in a developing country is a risky avenue some leaders have taken. It will kill the giant enterprises and then cause a breakdown in the existing thriving informal sector.

The leaders talking about eradicating poverty, said the same ten years ago and though they have been in office for all those years, they have done nothing about it.

They therefore should not be given a chance, and all must choose the ones that are promising to continue coming up with strategies that will eradicate the four challenges we face as a Nation.

It is only through the continuation of the four pillars agenda- that the same will be achieved. The People promising to continue with Uhuru’s legacy are the ones who should rule Kenya after Uhuru, and it’s none other than team Azimio one Kenya Alliance

Please do not waste your vote casting it to those who want the Presidency so badly in order to shield all the graft and many other criminal activities done by other followers of UDA.

We fail because we do not try


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