William Ruto Is Not Serious In Negotiation Talks But Will Do So To Only Advance His Ambitions


Francis Bacon Quote: “A bad man is worse when he pretends to be a saint.”

A few days ago,  William Ruto declared that he is unconditionally ready to have peace talks with President Uhuru,… but even before the same is yet to take  place, he is already out again in Western Province inciting the masses on the same class issues he has been preaching all along.

“Ati wanasema mtoto wa maskini hawezi kuwa President, …wale walikuwa wanatembea mbila viatu and other nonsense all aimed at dividing people into classes of the haves and have-nots.

It is common knowledge that William Ruto is aggressively trying to rise to the top to satisfy his ambitions good or bad and has no interest of the poor he addresses. He has said it in the past that those that took Kalenjins lands in Kitale and elsewhere will have to move as the same is in the constitution. He only want to be President to fulfill his evil missions agendas which can eventually cause bloodshed.

The ongoing campaign in Kenya by Tanga Tanga team trying to reverse a country with a capitalist mindset to a socialist one, is a dangerous trend which must be stopped before it gets out of control.

Radicals introduce bottom up theories and the same, is easy as the vulnerable masses are the easy target to be indoctrinated with false briefs of getting rich in a hurry.

Kenya and all her neighbors including many African countries, are purely Capitalist Societies which are hard to change (as a one lone man is thinking). The Socialist Communist Revolutionary Movements introduced and now cleverly hidden under the disguise of giving wheelbarrows- as championed by the Deputy President William Ruto, can eventually lead to bloodshed in the country.

Kenyans, especially confused Kikuyu’s, should now stand firm and stop entertaining the idea of Socialist Communism,  as many will have to give up their legally acquired private properties and agree to distribute their income to everyone under Ruto Government.

The poor will slowly target and start attacking the rich while classifying them as dynasty and it’s a war that can lead to genocide.

This is the concealed truth they are not telling Kenyans after they themselves, amassed their wealth illegally and those that have sweated for all they have acquired, will be made poor worse than the time of Moi when the same tribe, was told to lie low like envelopes.

You can never erase history and as they say, it repeats itself and all must remember Marxism and how Government fought the ideology and even making it treasonable after one was found possessing the book Das kapital by Karl Max.

The then strong disciples of Karl Max like Orengo, Raila, Sifuna, Anyona, Koigi, Rumba Kinuthia and many others, were targeted and sent to jail while some, died in detention.

Today, we are cheering those introducing the same ideals without knowing that we are being taken back to the dark days.

 If you even go biblical, you will recall that Jesus was crucified because of same ideologies of rich versus the poor where he would preach about the poor inheriting the earth. The upper class Sadducees and Pharisees with the support of the system, then felt threatened and killed him and it’s the same thing that can lead the poor to rise against the rich in Kenya. It is coming this time not biblical but through words like hustlers versus dynasties, but it’s just the same like in the days of Jesus.

It’s time to rethink and not get carried away by hustlers ideologies that will retard and destroy all you have painfully earned.  Peace loving Kenyans, must now wake up and stop being narrow-minded as the end, can lead to genocide just like the Rwanda case. It’s the same scenario in American where those that were incited by Trump, to retain white supremacist, are now going against those that removed their so called savior and the Democrats, are having a hard time to remove that stereotype stigma.

Many Kikuyu’s think they are rebelling against Uhuru not being aware that he will not be in the race or in Government after 2022 and therefore, he will not get the blame when the economy collapse under Ruto’s corruption. Uhuru will be enjoying his retirement somewhere without suffering and it’s those now rebelling against him that will suffer. It’s the same like the years the same Kikuyu’s supported Moi and later suffered but people are blind not to see or remember the injustices they underwent through. Kenyans should not repeat the same mistake twice and expect different results from the very people that oppressed them and even killed and displaced  many Kikuyus in Rift valley .

We should say no to the incitement of the poor who think their messiah is here and their life will be changed in a day where as, it’s to the contrary as it takes ones determination and hard work to succeed but not through false promises.

Kikuyus should rally behind someone from another tribe with no history of oppressing the community for selfish gains. We saw it before and the same people have not changed and we should not expect new sudden love.

We must say Uhuruto’s jubilee was not the best Government we had but supporting the same person who was a catalyst in it’s failure and now all of a sudden has a solution which he was hiding is sheer madness.

Uhuru has worked with both Raila, and Ruto, and it would be wise to support the person he has trusted to continue the five pillar agenda when his deputy was busy spoiling the minds of the poor. (The same should be done while firmly behind a party that is purely controlled by the region agreeing to the covenant.)

Whether Raila is a bad leader or not, if given the two leaders to chose from, people should judge them by their commitment, their stand and their performance during the last 5 years and many will agree that Raila Amolo Odinga, is the best suited person to carry on President Uhuru’s legacy that is aiming at uniting Kenyans.

A legacy that is beyond the year 2050 where every Kenyan will be free to move and own property anywhere in the country. It is a legacy that was formulated through BBI and all must support it to achieve our goals as Kenyans.

Arch Dr Isaac Kinungi

Global Diaspora Congress

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