William Ruto Should Take His Psychobabble Bottoms Up Theory To Parliament And Stop Lying To Wananchi As He has No Manifesto.

Crowd that turned out at Githurai to listen to Raila today Sep 27 voluntary not paid

Politicians especially in William Ruto Camp, are busy going around the country lying to tired roadside bystanders about a gobbledygook bottoms up theory which has never been experimented in Kenya or anywhere else in Africa before.

The same, are talking about sharing part of the country’s budget to those at the bottom but with no clear guidelines on how and when over an estimated 20 million poor people, will benefit from such a program.

If you assume sharing even the whole budget of Kenya to such groups of people,. the amount  each can get will not even be enough to buy daily stock for a mama mboga vender  and wonders how such will boost the Kenyan economy.

If they are serious in the bottoms up theory, let them formulate their agenda and introduce it in Parliament for debate as there is plenty of time before the General elections. They will however not do so because they know very well that it will not even go past first reading.

Telling villagers that constitution amendment is not important, is trying to confuse them as the issues that were being addressed in BBI, were on how to increase revenue to counties based on the one man, one vote, one shilling formula. When the same villagers are told of imaginary revenue sharing,- it’s a mockery to all and after applauded by paid cohorts, then they use their ignorance to get to the top and thereafter not talk of it again as the same is not in writing like it was the case with BBI.

Empty rhetoric speeches only aimed at popularizing a leader, will only lead to confusion as Kenyans will not be able to vote able leaders- but anyone who happens to join the now popular party called UDA.

The leaders championing the theory, are capitalizing on tarnishing BBI which had clearly outlined how each region was to benefit and the same was aiming at stopping the post election violence by widening inclusion of all tribes in kind of a power sharing Government.( to such leaders that is not an achievement)

Kenyans should reject those wanting to introduce experimental new socialist kind of approach to the economy, and only vote those eager to carry on with the 5 pillars sustainable development agenda that basically aims at empowering our youth, improving food security, affordable health institutions, affordable housing and transportation.

The hustler(sic)  Nation being popularized, and getting a boost from some media outlets, is politics of radicalization aimed at driving a wedge between the rich and the poor so that they can in the process, sideline genuine upright  leaders in the implicit coined Hustler(sic) Government.

The poor, are made to believe that they will be included on the high table and considering the many hustles they undergo through in life, and now the sudden promise of a better life, the false power inclusion promise and high monetary expectation, if not realized, can make many to do a lot of damage, killing included.

The mind tactics to make them believe in media narratives, while expressing imaginary manifesto assisted by a maze of deceiving mumbo jumbo phrases like “Wanjiku amechoka” jeshi ti ngenu” Uhuru ndarateithia andu-  make many to go into frenzy amnesia moods and completely cannot conceptualize the outcome of the empty promises.

President Uhuru, has been silent for too long and if he really want his legacy to continue, he has to get out of Statehouse and support the person who has been assisting him in supervision of some developments- and that person is no other than Hon. Raila Odinga.

The deputy President, William Ruto is definitely not behind that legacy as he has openly humiliated his boss in many occasions like the recent showdown in Kiambaa, where he supported UDA.

The famous handshake, saw the end of violent destructive demonstrations that had exhausted many in the country and all peace loving Kenyans, must support Hon Raila as he is the one that brought peace to the country.

Yes it’s time to reward Hon Raila, and not those that have disrupted the five pillars development agenda for selfish gains and worse still, using some of the stalled projects development funds, to bribe many and discrediting the President through cheap propaganda.

We shall witness a big 2022 game changer in Kenya similar to the one Raila played when Kibaki took over power after Moi era was over (read Moi error).

Hon Raila Odinga, only need to pick one influential Kikuyu and a person from Meru to boost his campaign. He is now supported by the region Governors and if people are serious, they will choose the person ready to continue with vision 2030 and reject the one without any development agenda.

Leaders like Kalonzo, Mudavadi, Wetangula and others will not allow themselves to be left out either and all will eventually join many to sing Raila song and just like the Kibaki time, they too will say “Raila Tosha”. 

Chances are, Mudavadi or Kalonzo will also be potential running mates or they will be promised powerful positions in the next Government and having stayed in the cold for too long, they will not refuse.

We predict that one ambitious man called William Ruto, though now enjoying huge money bought popularity, will sadly not enter the house on the hill.  He will not make it, once the Mt Kenya votes are split during campaigns by reviving memories of the tribal clashes that never prominently featured during Jubilee campaign period.

Yes when the time of reckoning comes, you will start hearing campaign songs and the resurfacing of popular phrases like “we paid the debt and we owe nobody nothing and if any, he paid himself with corruption money of failed and stalled dam projects”

My guess is that unlike former President Kibaki, who did not take active role in succession politics, President Uhuru will next year aggressively campaign for Raila as he is fully convinced that he is the one to carry on with his legacy that is beyond 2050.

We must strive hard to avoid a pessimistic future by refusing those relying on unwritten manifestos.  Kenya must choose a leader who will ensure all can move freely, settle and own properties anywhere in the country.

That leader is certainly not William Ruto as he has not even attempted to convene talks that can lead to settling over 2,500 people that were displaced by the tribal clashes. He also did not show concern to those burned in a Church as the same was never built and the families never returned to their farms.

We must reject such leaders in order to aim for a united Kenya free from tribal animosity especially between two communities that have erupted three times and chances of recurrence, cannot be ruled out if we trust the same people. Let us reject those talented rhetorical political exploits seeking support through appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary poor people in one region rather than using rational appeal that can give hope to all Kenyans not for a limited time, but long lasting.

Let all peace loving Kenyans say no to unpredictable smooth sweet talking leaders that can easily turn Kenya into a garden of roses and stones not for admiration- but for remembering those that might perish while seeking freedom and a united Kenya.

That hope can only be realized if we can use our votes wisely in 2022 and choose a determined selfless Kenyan who is eager and able to bring peace and prosperity in Kenya and the closest we now have is no other than Hon Raila Odinga.

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