With All This Talk About The Pandemic What Will Follow?


Article By Wilfred Kimani

Like all other pandemics, it’s very likely that the Coronavirus will cause fear, panic, pain and death across the globe having literally flipped man upside down and exposed him for who he is, a helpless being in the face of disaster. The virus will then disappear and vanish in the thin air like others before it.

 As scientists say pandemic/epidemics are their own worst enemies and a lot of times they simply push themselves out of existence only to reappear later at a time and place no one can tell.

The worst is if Doctors have not discovered a cure but truth is, such virus and others like it can be suppressed by following simple basic hygiene procedures;

Making sure ourselves and the environment around us is kept neat and tidy.

Just remembered those old posters with diagrams on how germs are spread on hospital and shopping centers’ walls with info and diagrams on how germs are spread and how we can protect ourselves many years ago.

I am sure a lot of us can relate to such and even the lower primary textbooks with simple diagrams on staying clean and healthy. I am not trying to bother you with unnecessary info but maybe, just maybe that’s where the cure lies.


If those guys who mishandled that animal flesh hoping to make some money in Wuhan China would have been more hygiene sensitive, maybe, just maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation that we’re in today.

To the Christian Believers Jeremiah 10:23 reminds us that “It does not belong to man who is walking to direct his own steps..Our Hope rests squarely on Jehovah God”

To those who trust in Science “We hope some Doctor somewhere will come up with a cure in times like these.

No Doctor is too Small not to be the World’s Savior” but in the meantime all options remain open..including the many we have read in the internet.

Hon Alfred Kimani

CS Ministry Of Tourism And International Trade

Council of Elders Co-ordinator

Diaspora National Assembly

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