Young Legal Officer Sent To Represent Attorney General Likened To A lad Sent To Officiate A Circumcision Ceremony


Monday January 13, 2020 – Self-styled National Resistance Movement (NRM) leader, Miguna Miguna’s lawyer, John Khaminwa, evoked laughter in court as he tore into a young legal officer who was sent to represent the Attorney General in the matter.

Khaminwa called for the AG Paul Kihara Kariuki or the Solicitor-General, Kennedy Ogeto, to appear in court as was ordered on Friday, January 10th, arguing that the issue of Miguna was a serious matter with the world watching.

He left the court in stitches when he told Justice John Mativo that whatever the young state lawyer was saying was not worth writing.

“Let the Attorney-General come, let the Solicitor-General come.”

“We are not dealing with simple matters here and someone is telling us about functus officio and so on.”

“It’s a big problem facing the nation.”

“The whole world is looking at Kenya.”

“And we have an AG telling us we can only file an application, what is that? We reject him (State Counsel).”

“Let this gentleman get out of this brief, we need the Attorney General himself or the Solicitor General,” Khaminwa asserted.

The State Counsel quickly stood up to argue that according to the Constitution, the Attorney General’s powers could be exercised by himself or sub-ordinate officers attached to his office.

Khaminwa rebutted, however, dismissing the lawyer as he told Justice Mativo that the State Counsel’s arguments were not worth putting down on paper.

“With tremendous respect, this is the kind of talk that is most unacceptable.”

“The country is facing a problem and we have this person.”

“I’m glad you’re not writing what he is saying. It’s not worth writing at all,” he retorted.

Mativo ordered that the Attorney General, Paul Kihara Kariuki, give an opinion to the High Court on the breach of orders relating to Miguna’s return.

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